Embarrassment and lack of confidence are the biggest challenges for you to use English. When you use English, you are afraid if you misuse the words, mispronounce words, sound stuttering or even worry that your interlocutor does not understand what you say. These obstacles that cause your English does not improve. What is the solution? You need to join English course! English Today is here to provide English course for your employees Medan.

Not all communication is done face-to-face. For you who pursue career in an international company, you do not only communicate with local people but also with foreign people. In this case, telephoning skill is required.

How is your telephoning skill? Do you pay attention to your intonation, word stress, accent and speaking style?

English Today has Excellent Telephoning program for you who want to improve telephoning skill and even to face difficult customers.

What do you get from Excellent Telephoning program?

  • Greet people
  • Accept greetings
  • Arrange meeting schedule
  • Adjust an appointment
  • Handle complaints
  • Request politely
  • Ask direct and indirect questions
  • Exchange information

You do not get those skills only from textbookEnglish Today gives you real applications through interactive activities, such as simulation, role plays, games, etc. We do not give the theories that you will never use in the working environment.

Besides Excellent Telephoning, some of our programs that are enthused by many companies are English for meeting (Effective Meeting), negotiation (Negotiation Skills), and presentation (Perfect Presentations).

Many prominent companies choose English Today as their trusted learning partner, ranging from supermarket, hotel, bank, cellular phone provide, ticketing service, to automotives company. Some companies that have ever joined Business English training English Today are HERO, Harris Hotel, BNI, Telkomsel, Traveloka, Hankook, and many more.

If you want to join English course for employees in Medan but you are still uncertain to decide the best program for your company, you can consult with us. We will choose the best program for you.

If you have any question about English Course for Employees in Medan, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you.

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