Tips and Tricks: How to Learn Business English Fast

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What is your first thought that pops  up in your mind when someone says  “Business English”? Some (people) would think it’s all about entrepreneurship. It is not entirely wrong, ET Mates. However, it is not also entirely correct. Business English is the specific term that we use in the professional world. Moreover, it is also [...]

Say These To Handle Tough Questions

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Imagine in the middle of your presentation someone  asked you tough questions. It is good to be  honest but never say “I don’t know” (during a presentation). You should act like you are the expert on the topic, even though as humans, we could never expert a topic fully. It is normal to make errors, [...]

The 3 Life-Changing Books

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When we feel emotionally exhausted with our lives or routines, all we need is a valuable escape. Holiday sounds excellent, ET Mates, but it’s very risky to travel from city to city in this pandemic season. Speaking of, if you notice, during the pandemic the earth is healing. You can see the sky is clearer [...]

English Training in Medan

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Let’s learn English communication for FREE by visiting the link that is mentioned in the end of this article! Are you looking for English training in Medan? English Today is now here in Medan to provide Business English training for employees, managers and company executives. English is used in daily life especially if you cooperate with [...]

Business English Course in Medan

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Most of people are lazy to learn foreign languages especially English. They feel that they only need Bahasa Indonesia to communicate in working environment. However, sooner or later, they will use English in working environment. Even some big companies in Indonesia have used English to communicate in the working environment for writing business emails or [...]

Make Your Own English Conversation Class in Medan

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Forget the English learning method that is filled by the teacher’s explanation for hours. To speak English fluently, you also have to speak English often. In fact, the teacher dominates the class and you just speak for a very short time. Unlike other English course institutions, English Today uses 80% of students’ talk time and [...]

Business English Course Medan

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Let’s practice listening and reading for FREE! Visit the link that is mentioned below this article! You will learn much from it. Have you spent much money to study English but you still do not master English? Do you often change English course place a lot? There are many English courses that promise you to [...]

English Course in Medan

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Many companies provide English trainings for the employees. Certainly, the English used in daily life or in business life is totally different. Unlike English for daily life, mastering English in business context requires qualified and certified trainers in their fields. Therefore, English Today presents English course place in Medan. You have a great possibility to get [...]

English Training Medan

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Are you looking for English training Medan? English is often used in email and report writings, negotiation, presentation, telephoning, etc. You need special skills to do those things. How do you get those skills? You can learn Business English that enables you to communicate using English in business context. English Today is here to provide [...]

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