When we feel emotionally exhausted with our lives or routines, all we need is a valuable escape. Holiday sounds excellent, ET Mates, but it’s very risky to travel from city to city in this pandemic season. Speaking of, if you notice, during the pandemic the earth is healing. You can see the sky is clearer and the air is cleaner as the result of the absence of the hectic routine. 

So, there is always a damsel in distress in every situation. The good news is, you can start your own “healing” too. It could be searching for new motivation, a plan to reboot your life, or simply, finding a new life purpose. If you wonder where to begin, you can always start by reading some life-changing books. 

Reading is a very good activity to exercise your brain to produce more positive emotions. Another benefit of reading is it can  give you linguistic tools to make you communicate better. Check out these three books that could give you spiritual enlightenment: 


The Alchemist 

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The Alchemist is a very fascinating novel written by Brazilian author, Paulo Coelho. The premier publication of The Alchemist was in 1988. Earlier, it was written only in Portuguese. However, because of the high demand, The Alchemist is now translated into more than 70 languages in the world and became an International Best Seller. 

The Alchemist is an allegory, which means a story that is illustrated with symbols to represent what is going on in life. It tells us the story of a boy’s journey in finding personal legend. In his journey, he learned the value of love, treasure, and his true identity. This book will dazzle you about life evaluation, ET Mates. 

If you are dealing with a quarter-life crisis, you might want to check out this book. Also, if you are searching for new insights into your life, you can contemplate the story of this book. Considering this book is very suitable for thinkers.


Turtles All The Way Down 

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Turtles All The Way Down is John Green’s sixth novel. It was first published in 2017 and immediately became New York’s best-selling book. The title is inspired by an expression of infinite regress.

The story starts with a billionaire who runs away from his family and is hunted by the authorities. Whoever finds him will be rewarded cash of million US dollars. This leads Aza and Daisy into an unexpected adventure and reunion. However, Aza has to go through all of it with spiraling intrusive thoughts she wishes she never had. 

Therefore, the title represents the infinity of someone’s intrusive thought until it’s spiraling down. Aza tried her best to live her life while bearing her thoughts. By listening to her thoughts and witnessing her actions in the book, we can learn valuable morals about mental health awareness. This book may give you enlightenment that your present is not your forever. No matter how complicated you overthink things, keep in mind that it’s only temporary, ET Mates. 


Enola Holmes: The Case of The Missing Marquess

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Written by Nancy Springer, the tale of Enola Holmes will give you exciting rush and suspense while you are reading it. Enola is the youngest of the Holmes siblings, consisting of the famous Sherlock Holmes and clever Mycroft Holmes. 

The story is about Enola’s mother’s disappearance. However, in the middle of her journey, she changed her mind to save the missing marquess first. Enola has to go through this epic adventure for the first time, and without any guidance from any adults that she knows in the book. 

As a teenager, she finds it hard to keep herself brave. There are times she feels afraid when there is no time to be afraid. In this book, Enola learns to live fully as a woman and challenge the way society expects her to be. 

Although the moral value is about women’s emancipation, this book is so worthwhile no matter what your gender is. The plot twist is mind-blowing and the cases make you exercise your logic. 

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