Most of people are lazy to learn foreign languages especially English. They feel that they only need Bahasa Indonesia to communicate in working environment. However, sooner or later, they will use English in working environment. Even some big companies in Indonesia have used English to communicate in the working environment for writing business emails or reports or to communicate with the consumers. How about you? Do you still ignore the importance of English in your working life? If you want your career and business to improve, you need to learn Business English. English Today is here to provide Business English Course in Medan.

Whatever you business needs are, English Today has English programs with various business focuses for you: negotiation, presentation, meeting, sales and marketing, tourism and hospitality, telephoning, report writing, etc. We also design materials only for you! So, don’t worry if our English program is not what you expect. Our learning contributes to your business improvement.

If you need English communication in presentation, we have Perfect Presentation program. If you need negotiation skills, we have Negotiation Skills program. if you need customer service skills, we have Customer Service Skills program. There are still many of our other programs with various Business English focuses.

Are you afraid of feeling bored in joining Business English course in Medan with English Today?
You will not feel bored because we do not stick to the textbook. You will be asked to do interactive activities instead, such as group discussion, case study, games, simulation, role plays, etc.

If you want to join our Business English program but you are still confused with the program that you want to take, please consult with us. We give our time for you. After listening to your needs and your employees needs. We will give the best program for you; we will also design special materials just for you!

If you have any question about Business English Courses in Medan, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you.

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