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Are you looking for English training in Medan? English Today is now here in Medan to provide Business English training for employees, managers and company executives. English is used in daily life especially if you cooperate with the foreign parties. You need to use English in writing emails, telephoning, giving a presentation, negotiating, etc.

Are you confident enough with your English skills?

English Today enables you to speak English in business context. We help you to build up your confidence. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! You learn from the mistakes that you make.

How is English Today quality?

English Today provides facilities, certified methods and qualified teachers so you will achieve your objectives. We understand that you want a training provider that could understand your needs. Let us give you the results, not only promises. With our in-house training, the employees in your company will be able to learn and make English as a part of your strategies to achieve success.

Who have ever joined our Business English training?
since 2000, we have become rusted learning partners for many well-known companies in Indonesia, such as Hankook, Daikin, Elevenia, Djarum, Pedder Group, Telkomsel, Permata Bank, Nestle and many more.

What are our Business English programs?

We have Business English programs with various learning focuses, such as sales and marketing, tourism and hospitality, banking, negotiation, presentation, telephoning, email and report writings, etc. Therefore, we have been trusted to give trainings to many companies with different industrial backgrounds.

If you are looking for English Trainings in Medan, please contact us.

You can consult about you business needs and we will give the best program that is suitable for you business and employees.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you!

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