If you want to join English programs for adults, you can choose the class types: a private class or a company language training class. Don’t worry if you cannot join this program smoothly, because you will have a Placement Test to measure your proficiency level and put you in the right level.

What are the programs of English for adults?

Business English Conversation

Please consult with us! We will design a program that is only for you. We prepare an English consultant to help you during the learning process.

Business English

We prepare you to develop communication skill in working environment in various working situations, such as: negotiation, presentation, adjusting appointment, telephoning and many more.

English for Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Are you a tour guide? Or a hotel manager? Or working in tourism and hospitality industry? If yes, then this is the exact program for you. English Today Medan’s trainers have experiences in tourism and hospitality business. They have trained many five-star hotels and resorts. Don’t worry about feeling bored when joining our Business English program. Our learning system is based on real applications, through role plays, games and other interactive activities.

English for Telecommunication Industry

If you pursue a career in telecommunication industry, you need to have clear and fluent English communication ability. We train your intonation, stress, speaking style and accent. This program also includes up-selling session, negotiation skills and handling customers’ complaints.

English for Sales and Marketing

We enable you to do the selling process in English! You will learn the stages in selling process and the technique to achieve the maximum result.

English for CEO

The higher your position is, the higher the demand of your English is. We provide you with English communication skills in various business situations, such as meeting, presentation, negotiation, email and report writings and even public speaking.