Welcome to English Today Medan

English Today is founded 9 years ago in Jakarta and until now proudly becomes the first and only institution with the best native teachers. English Today has the wide networking of professional English teachers ranging over Jakarta and all around Indonesia. We offer you freedom in arranging schedule and a bunch of professional teachers. Our teachers are the experts from various English fields in which this makes the best teachers’ selection process based on the specific students’ needs becomes easy. As expected, we are the only the institution that has the qualified native teachers and the track record is proven in the successful English learning and we can offer the tailored lessons as requested in Makassar.

What is English Today?

Our Main Values

We are honest and work with integrity and dignity. We respect all people around us and value all ideas and the contributions coming from both internal and external customers. Our company moves in a transparent cycle in which we give inspirations to the teachers that surely will give inspirations to our students. This results a healthy environment, solid and beneficial for all. We always give the sincere guidance and make decision based on the best things for our customers and students. English Today team keeps on improving to have wider and deeper knowledge about English training and teaching system. We really enjoy our works, live with passion and enthusiasm and also grow the same enthusiasm to our students.

Our selection criteria

We receive a pile of applications from teachers who are interested to improve their career with us and to get benefits over career promotion and the offers. All applicants’ applications are selected carefully through the background checking and reference. Then, we continue with observation and demo teaching in the classroom. The service quality and customers’ satisfaction are the priorities of our success in the past and in the future.

Our Service

We offer the combination of private classes and company language training classes based on our experiences in the two fields. We ensure no matter what your ethnicity is, there are no obstacles that we cannot handle in designing a perfect English program that suits your budget. If you prefer to have a meeting with the teacher once a week to enhance your skills while having a cup of coffee or you prefer formal English course in your office, we can make it all for you. You can study everywhere that makes you feel comfortable to learn.

Our Team

English Today consists of highly motivated, professional, enthusiastic and dynamic native English teachers coming from various English speaking countries. We are proud of the approach that we use to build a strong and durable partnership with all of our customers. All of our teachers have equal teaching hours so they can stay excited and focused in every class and lesson. We really prioritize qualities over quantities. You will be able to see that our teachers are very professionals.

Our Course Program

With our nationwide and large networking team, we are able to offer a variety of English course programs for any company types. Kindly check out our English Programs section for further information.

Trial Class

Before deciding to take up any programs, you might want to make sure that your choice of the teacher is already good. One of the important things in our service is to display the resume and profile of our teachers so that you can choose the teacher that really suits your needs. This is also important to create positive atmosphere between teacher and the students to support the learning process. Therefore, we also give you a trial class so you can be sure with the teacher of your choice.

Maintain the communication

At English Today, we sincerely believe that the end of learning process is not the end of our partnership with the students. We always continue the partnership with our former students through the blogs.

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The quality of English writings becomes so important in intellectual writing and academic writing. If you are considering becoming a writer and are on your way to get published, our editor team and proofreaders can give you the best script.

For private entrepreneurs

We expect professional ability in all aspects in a business. This thing can be known from the voice of your customer service. This can also be felt through the comfort level that you give to your visitor when they read the writings and the accuracy of your business reports, proposal and also your company contract. We can help you to do these things appropriately.

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